Security Block

High Risk Protection for Advanced Threats

Vehicle Door Armor

Our law enforcement vehicle door panels are the lightest and thinnest solution available providing ease of installation and an unobtrusive presence in the vehicle. A.I.M.S produces a variety of threat specific door panel solutions for Law Enforcement Applications.

LEVEL IIIA – A.I.M.S has developed a LEVEL IIIA that is customizable to any Police Vehicle. The LEVEL IIIA system is recommended for urban use against small arms fire typical urban Law Enforcement activity. Our LEVEL IIIA system has been independently tested to NIJ Standard.


Material Rigid Composite, PVC, Adhesive
Construction Pressed
Coverage (per door) 5-6 Sq. Ft.
Weight (per door) 5-6lbs
Rating Tested to NIJ Level IIIA Standards

LEVEL III – The normal weight increase from the Level IIIA system (recommended for urban use against small arms fire) offers protection against rifle fire of rounds up to 7.62 mm 308 Winchester FMJ.

Material Rigid Composite
Construction Pressed
Coverage (per door) 5.15 Sq. Ft.
Weight (per door) 16.49lbs
Rating Tested to NIJ Level III Standards

Installation / Decommissioning

The LEVEL IIIA and LEVEL III armor system contains no metal parts and requires no added tools for installation. Utilizing the Chrysler Charger door structure as natural fastening points, the system is secured with the use of adhesive brackets (included). Total install time estimated as less than thirty minutes per door.

Window  Laminates  Applications / Advantages:

  • High level of fragmentation retention
  • High end burglary resistance
  • Hurricane resistant – small and large missile
  • Bomb blast protection
  • Small arms fire resistance
  • Lower energy bills (grey and silver security laminate)

Why Security Block?

  • The same protection is offered for Aircraft
  • Product is installed between the fuselage the dado and sidewall
  • Protection  from on ground fire up to AK47
  • Meets FAA flame test requirements
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to certify

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