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Thermal Acoustic Insulation Packages

Thermal Acoustics Insulation

The A.I.M.S. “Thermal Acoustics Insulation” kits benefits are (1) Thermal Insulation (2) Acoustic soundproofing system (3) Anti-Radiation Protection (4) New product “Bullet Proof” for Large VIP Private aircraft. A.I.M.S. International is the only company that provides all these advantages in the Aviation industry. The thermal acoustic insulation kits is significantly quieter than the other products the industry. Facts, our results have always shown a reduction of acoustic noise by at least 30%.

Our acoustic soundproofing kits have weight reduction benefits on your aircraft based on existing Completion center acoustic installations.  As a result of a reduction in fuel consumption, lower operating costs and improvements in range. These revolutionary soundproofing kits are also fire resistant far exceeding FAA standards, are lightweight and installed in remarkably short time. AIMS soundproofing systems have an average investment of less than 1% of your aircrafts total value and better fuel consumptions because weight reduction, this investment will quickly pay for itself.

Our thermal acoustic insulation packages are the following:

  1. Dampening will be supplied to deal with skin vibration in certain areas. Note: We recently tested new dampening on 2 fuselage skins at room temperature and -31 F.
  2. Acoustic insulation bags are the latest assemblies developed from the two 747-8’s VIP private aircraft. Note: We have developed a new lighter weight insulation bag using the newest Boeing encapsulating film being planned for the 787 VIP aircrafts.
  3. We provide barrier material for the sidewalls and headliners.
  4. Kits will also consist of an under carpet supplemental pad and our world renowned under floor barrier protection.
  5. Supply ECS sound barrier protection. Note: Environmental Control System accounts for about 50% of the noise generated within an aircraft and we will supply barrier material to reduce the noise transmission.
  6. Bullet resistant material. Note: we have just had the FAA flame test the material and it passes the FAA requirement for flammability. The material would be placed along the seating areas to protect key passengers from an on ramp attack.

Additional Information

  • Resale –Two weeks ago a Challenger 300 went on sale and one of the items listed on the spec sheet was the A.I.M.S. soundproofing kit adding value to the resale of the aircraft.
  • Health benefits – A recent study by the UK Medical Association found that people exposed to higher noise levels causes more stress and leads to heart attack and strokes.
  • Kit manufactured by Goodwill Foundation (disabled army vets) who also manufacture for Gulfstream and Cessna. All FAA, DOT, EASA approved.
A.I.M.S. International thermal acoustic soundproofing insulation package installed to  747-8i VIP private aircraft.

A.I.M.S. International thermal acoustic soundproofing insulation package installed to 747-8i VIP private aircraft.


Proven track record and repeat satisfied 40 Global Express customers IMPROVEMENTS OF 4 SIL DROP IN CABIN NOISE LEVEL.

Why Aircraft Noise Block?

  • Quietest acoustical package on the market
  • Light weight
  • Material acts as a fire blocker
  • Increased fuel efficiency and possibly range
  • Latest new technology developed by A.I.M.S. International
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Radiation protection. Only kit available with this feature.
  • Bullet resistant material available as an option.
  • Higher resale value

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