Aircraft Consulting

1. Services: The Services to be provided shall be AIMS on behalf of the Client, and at the direction of the Client or the Client’s Aviation Advisor, in a conscientious and diligent manner and shall include, but not be limited to the following: Airbus, Boeing , Bombardier,Gulfstream ,Falcon Products

2. The Tasks:

2.1.1     Evaluate client’s floor plan.

2.1.2     Review existing communications with completion centers.

2.1.3     Review proposals from completion centers and make recommendations.

2.1.4     Negotiation with Completion centers the LOI (letter of intent).

2.1.5     Establish or review technical and operational requirements of the client

2.1.6     Confirm specification systems and interior prior to signature of the    Outfitting Agreement.

2.1.7     Lead or participate in negotiations pertaining to Outfitting Agreement and oversee all designs submitted by completion center including all technical systems.

2.1.8     Review specification versus the trim layouts.

2.1.9     Review the trim layouts versus the technical engineering drawings.

2.1.10   Ensure the drawings and specification(s) are modified to reflect changes.

2.1.11   Assist in the weight savings program.

2.1.12   Monitor all manufacturing activity and ensure compliance with industry standards and contractual commitments.

2.1.13   Review maintenance activities and Service Bulletin requirements.

2.1.14   Support the completion process as needed.

2.1.15   Monitor manufacturing activity and ensure compliance with the Outfitting Agreement

2.1.16   Monitor manufacturing activity and ensure compliance with industry standards.

2.1.17   Review maintenance activities and Service Bulletins through-out the completion process.

2.1.18   Assist in Mock-up verification.

2.1.19   Attend meetings as required.

2.1.20   Carry-out acceptance inspection of the green aircraft.

2.1.21    Verification of the aircraft to the Outfitting Agreement, check all log books to ensure the aircraft meets importing airworthiness requirements.

2.1.22   Carry-out on-site inspection of the manufacturer’s goods at supplier’s facilities as necessary.

2.1.23   Carry-out verification of costs and schedule impact of any Change Orders.

2.1.24   Review completion center processes including soundproofing and painting.

2.1.25   Partake in all ground functional testing of systems to verify functionality.

2.1.26   Partake in all flight testing.

2.1.27    Interface with government agencies as required reference certifications issues for the aircraft and the interior.

2.1.28    Interface with governmental agencies to ensure smooth certification of the  aircraft and aircraft interior at project completion.

2.1.29    Interface with crew or management team for aircraft and ground training.

2.1.30    Interface with suppliers of services to insure proper warranties and agreements are in place.

2.1.31     Ensure all manuals and deliverables are updated prior to delivery.

Any other tasks that ensure a successful completions’ as required by client. Which includes assisting buying the aircraft and

-VIP Cabin Design concept

-Design Liaison Support

-Cabin system selection, equipment and integration

-Design Management

-Feasibility studies