A.I.M.S. partners with L-3 Platform Integration

A.I.M.S. International Corp. partners with L-3 Platform Integration on a 747-8 Head-of-State completion project.

A.I.M.S located in Dover, DE, USA has been selected by L-3 Platform Integration division’s (L-3 PID) Head-of-State Completion Center in Waco, Texas to provide its Acoustics Attenuation Package installation in a 747-8 Head-of-State completion project. This project is L-3 PID and A.I.M.S second collaboration, and will undoubtedly produce another extremely quiet aircraft completion.

A.I.M.S. International Corp. provides customized Acoustics products that are unique in the industry. A.I.M.S’ Products include Fire resistant insulation, anti–radiation protection and workmanship that can permit a
5 year warranty. We will be working closely with L-3 PID’s engineering group to ensure that the aircraft will be safer and quieter.

A.I.M.S. full and supplemental Acoustics Attenuation Packages are for:

  • All Wide body Transport aircraft.
  • All Wide and Narrow body Corporate Aircraft.
  • Recently Military Aircraft like the C130 Lockheed

A.I.M.S. International Corp. has offered its products since 1997. At A.I.M.S. International Corp. our proven success will continue on the new VVIP 747-8 program.

For more than 23 years, the L-3 Head-of-State Completion Center has offered a full range of  Wide body and business jet interior completion services for VIP and Head-of-State customers. Its services include design, fabrication, installation, certification and post-delivery support. In addition to interior completions, the site is known for complex technical modifications for both Civilian and Military aircraft programs.

To learn more about L-3’s Head-of-State Completion Center, please visit the company’s website at


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