A.I.M.S. through its Advanced Experience in Aviation has proven results

A.I.M.S International Corp. A.I.M.S. was established in 1997 as a company that provides Aircraft owners a unique service to help them in the acquisition, completion and delivery of their aircraft. It has aided corporate clients navigate through the complex aircraft completion process throughout the world.

A.I.M.S had developed new products to protect the aircraft from various threats:

Bullet Block Car windows, doors, and buildings. Now offering aircraft cabin protection from ground fire.

Noise Block  A new survey from UK found that high levels of noise contributes to heart attack and stroke.

Cosmic Radiation Block The higher you fly the more you are exposed to the radiation which travels right through the fuselage during flight.

UVA / UVB Block Pilots who fly at 30,000 for one hour is equivalent of 20 minutes in tanning bed.